Veterans Law Information

This section of provides veterans law information for the following groups.

VA mental health examiners (psychologists and psychiatrists conducting C&P exams) - Veterans law principles you should know.

Veterans service officers, VA-accredited claims agents, and veterans law attorneys - Psychological and medical (psychiatric) research published in peer-reviewed scholarly journals, and other information from the mental health professions that you should know.

Veterans and family members - Although I highly recommend working with a veterans service officer (and a claims agent or veterans law attorney if you need to appeal a VBA decision), it never hurts to have a basic understanding of veterans law principles and procedures.

Interests Overlap

Some of the articles and resources will be of interest to more than one group, so be sure to browse the various topics and links for each group so you don't miss something important.

Veterans Law Information for Examiners

Psychologists & Psychiatrists

Unique Legal Parameters - Important differences between the legal parameters governing typical forensic mental health evaluations versus VA compensation and pension examinations (C&P exams) for PTSD and other mental disorders.

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