PTSD Exams

This site features information about PTSD exams for:

Psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals who conduct C&P exams—organized under the Psych tab.

VA-accredited claims agents, veterans service officers, and veterans law attorneysorganized under the Legal tab.

United States military veterans and their families—organized under the Vets tab.

Different Names for the Same Exam

Within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and elsewhere you will see PTSD disability exams referred to by various names such as:

* Compensation and Pension examination

* C&P exam

VA claim exam

* Nexus letter1

* Mental health exam

* Disability benefits questionnaire (DBQ)2

1. A "nexus letter" is a letter written by a doctor giving his or her opinion that a nexus (causal connection) exists between a veteran's military service and a current illness. The term still has that meaning, but it can also can refer to an exam report written after a comprehensive psychological or psychiatric evaluation.

2DBQs are VA Forms on which examiners report most of their findings and conclusions. Thus, a DBQ is a reporting form, not the exam itself.

PTSD Exams Information Overlaps

Although I try to group articles, resources, and web pages according to specific groups' interests, it's tough to create precise divisions because people have diverse interests.

For example, some veterans and family members might want to learn details about psychological and medical (psychiatric) research and assessment methods.

Veterans law attorneys might also want to take a deep dive into substantive research in psychological science and medicine (psychiatry).

Therefore, I encourage you to at least scan the information in other groups to make sure you don't miss something important to you.

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