Psychologist and Psychiatrist C&P Examiners

This page offers information specifically for psychologist and psychiatrist compensation and pension (C&P) examiners, who work for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), or who conduct mental health C&P exams in the private sector.

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Recommended Reading List for Psychologist and Psychiatrist C&P Examiners
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Legal Parameters of C&P Exams for PTSD and Other Mental Disorders - A chart showing the differences between the legal rules, procedures, and principles governing typical forensic mental health evaluations versus VA C&P exams.

C&P exams for PTSD and other mental disorders are forensic mental health evaluations conducted with United States military veterans who have filed a disability benefits claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

While "C&P exam" is the most common term, there are other phrases used to describe these evaluations such as:

  • VA claim exam
  • PTSD exam
  • VA disability exam
  • VA comp and pen exam
  • compensation and pension examination
  • nexus letter or nexus opinion
  • DBQ - Disability Benefits Questionnaire

Reading List for Psychologist and Psychiatrist C&P Examiners

The Mental Health Examiner Recommended Reading List was developed for C&P examiners, primarily psychologists and psychiatrists, who conduct VA compensation and pension exams with veterans. 

At the same time, some of the articles will be of interest to veterans law attorneys, veterans service officers, and veterans.

The recommended reading list includes citations (and links where available) for:

  • Scholarly, peer-reviewed psychology and psychiatry journal articles
  • Law review articles
  • Academic books (law, psychology, psychiatry, public policy)
  • Institute of Medicine analysis and reports
  • Important federal court decisions
  • An email discussion list ("listserv") for psychologist and psychiatrist comp and pen examiners
  • Investigatory journalist articles published in leading United States newspapers
  • "Insider" reports from former and current C&P psychologists
  • Vietnam-era MOS codes
  • A good Wikipedia article on PTSD compensation benefits

==> Click here to review the Recommended Reading List for Psychologist and Psychiatrist C&P Examiners. You can read the list online or download a PDF file.

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