C&P Exam for PTSD

This page contains information about the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) C&P exam for PTSD. As you probably know, "C&P exam" is short for "Compensation and Pension examination".

The Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) almost always requires a VA C&P exam for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The phrase "VA C&P exam" means an exam conducted by a VA-employed or contracted examiner, which is a psychologist or psychiatrist for PTSD exams.

C&P Exam for PTSD: Details

Yes, there are unfortunately a lot of details involved with a C&P exam for PTSD.

Although I conducted C&P exams as a VA-employed psychologist for over 5 years, and I've read everything available on the topic, I am still learning new things about these exams.

I learn from:

  • VA-accredited claims agents;
  • veterans service officers;
  • veterans law attorneys;
  • fellow psychologists and psychiatrists, and, importantly, from
  • veterans and their families.

So, if you think I'm missing something, please educate me by commenting below! I appreciate it!

(You can also of course ask questions in the comment section too.)

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