Nexus Letter for PTSD

Veterans Disability Claims

Mark D Worthen PsyD (Dr. Worthen), owner of, can provide a nexus letter for PTSD in select cases. 

Note that in most instances Dr. Worthen will provide a nexus opinion only after conducting a comprehensive psychological evaluation either in-person or via video teleconferencing.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to learn why a nexus opinion based on an Independent Psychological Exam (IPE) has more probative value than a nexus letter based on a record review alone.

The FAQ page also explains terms like probative value.  

I provide some screening questions below to help you decide if requesting a Record Review by Dr. Worthen is a good idea at this point in time.

Select Cases?

I indicated above that I can provide a nexus opinion for PTSD in select cases

Select cases are PTSD claims for which I believe a nexus letter will probably support a veteran's disability compensation claim. 

How do I know if a nexus opinion will probably support a veteran's disability benefits claim? It's a two-step process. 

Step #1 - Screening Questions: The veteran or his/her representative answer some basic questions to determine if it's worth moving on to Step 2.

Step #2 - Record Review: Submit military and medical records to Dr. Worthen for review. This is a professional psychological service for which I charge a flat fee of $195.

Step #1: Nexus Letter Screening Questions

The questions below use Google Forms "Quiz" format, which assigns points for certain answers. But it's not really a quiz. It's simply a way to give you a rough estimate of the value of a Records Review. 

(a) Answer all the required* questions in the Google From below.

(b) Submit your responses (answers).

(c) After you submit your answers, scroll up the page (it might look blank) until you find the button to reveal your score.

(d) Remember, this is not a test. It simply provides a rough estimate of the value of moving forward with a Record Review.

(e) Consult the Score Guide below, after you have completed and submitted the Screening Questions form. 

After you submit the form, ^ Scroll UP ^ for the VIEW SCORE button.

Remember that you might see a blank screen after you submit your answers.

If you see all white, then just scroll up and you will soon see the "View Score" button. It looks like this:

Score Guide

Remember, these are simply rough estimates for the value of moving forward with a Record Review. Be sure to read the narrative (written) explanation below, which includes Pros & Cons of moving ahead with a Record Review.

Recall that the Record Review costs $195. I don't want you to spend that much money if a Record Review is premature (too early), and it won't really help your claim at this point in time.

The score for the Screening Questions range from 0 to 19. Here is how to interpret the scores, keeping in mind that this is simply an approximation, it is not cast in stone.

Score Interpretation
0–5 Not ready for a Record Review
6–9 Maybe ready for a Record Review
10–12 Probably ready for a Record Review
13–19 Ready for a Record Review

Step #2: Record Review

Please talk with your Veterans Service Officer, VA-accredited Claims Agent, or Veterans Law Attorney and ask for their advice before requesting a Record Review.

If you and your representative believe you are ready for a Record Review by Dr. Worthen:

(a) Upload your records using a secure form;

(b) Send Dr. Worthen the $195 Record Review fee.

What If I Don't Want a Representative?

I understand that some veterans and family members prefer to handle their disability claims themselves, without a representative.

You certainly have that right, and I have known several veterans and family members who have studied VA disability claims laws, regulations, policies, and procedures, and do an excellent job representing themselves.

However, representing yourself requires a lot of study and preparation. By "a lot" I mean over 50 hours of reading, asking questions, and searching the Internet and libraries for information.

If you have done your homework, and you choose to represent yourself, I will respect your autonomy and legal right to represent yourself, and I will provide professional psychological services for you if you ask me to do so.

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